Journal Articles

“The Multimodal Icon: Sight, Sound and Intellection in Recent Poetries.” Passage 69 (Summer 2013): 7-20. Special issue on “Lyric at the Crossroads,” edited by Louise Mønster and Peter Stein Larsen, Aarhus University Press, Denmark. Translated into Danish.

“Postmodern Fiction and Information Culture.” Twenty-First Century Literature 57 (2012): 28-45. Seoul, South Korea. Translated into Korean.

“Don DeLillo’s Falling Man and the Age of Terror.” Modern Fiction Studies 57.3 (Fall 2011): 559-83.Special issue on “Fiction after 9/11.”

“Gilbert Sorrentino: A Crystal Vision.” Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction 51.2 (2010): 140-46. Special issue, “An American Requiem: Elegies for Twelve American Novelists.”

“The Intratextual Obscurity of Louis Zukofsky’s “A”.” Journal of Language and Verbal Behaviour [Язык и Речевая Деятельность] 9 (2010): 26-32. The Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

“Discipline and Anarchy: Disrupted Codes in Kathy Acker’s Empire of the Senseless.”  Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses 39 (November 1999):  13-31.

“The Smooth and the Striated: Compositional Texture in the Modern Long Poem.” Modern Language Studies 27.2 (1997): 57-71.

“‘Design and Debris’: John Hawkes’s Travesty, Chaos Theory, and the Swerve.” Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction 37 (1996): 120-38.

“Barrett Watten’s Complete Thought: The Language of Postmodern Meditation.” Aerial 8 (1995): 209-14.

“Seriality and the Contemporary Long Poem.” Sagetrieb 11.1-2 (1992): 35-45.

“Against the Calendar: Paul Blackburn’s Journals.” Sagetrieb 7.2 (1988): 35‑52.

“Metaphor and Metonymy in Flann O’Brien’s At Swim-Two-Birds. The Review of Contemporary Fiction 5.1 (1985): 128-134.

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